Monday, February 25, 2008

post #1

Hi guys, my name is polyana and I'm going to talk about series of tv. In my free time I like to turn on the tv and watch the series that is passing on fox, warner or sony. I really like a lot of them, but I prefere the ones which have some romance or drama. When I created this blog I was an idea to write about a diferent serie in diferents posts, but I don't know my availability to post so I will talk about a lot of series in this one. To start I would to like to talk about the series of warner channel, they was my first experience of series because of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I really like this series. I love all the 5 personages that the series have, which one whit his own character. It's too bad that was finnished and now we just have old episodes, but it's funny anyway.

Another serie that a like so much in the prime time of warner is "Two and a half man", the protagonist is Charlie Sheen, the guy that made the top gang movie, so I don't have to say how much funny he is, have I? The series is about 2 brothes who lives together and one of them has a child which pass the weekend whit his father. The series is a comedy and they know how to do that.

"Men in trees" is another series that i like. It's about a womam expert in couples and wedding until the time that she is cheated for her husband. When this happend, she moved to Alaska, especifily to a city that has more man that womam. The diference is so bad that give the name "men in trees" to the series. In that city she meet a man and fall in love for him and decided to stay in Alaska, and a lot of thing happend. It's nice.

"Gilmore girls" it was the second series that I saw and became a fã in warner. The series show the relationship of a mother and her daughter and the daily things that happend like boyfriends, school, work, etc.

I think this is it. There are a lot of other series that a like, but on the next post I coment about them ok?

kisses ;*